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FutureWaves™ is a vessel motion and wave forecasting system  unlike any product available today. Originally developed for the United States Navy’s Office of Naval Research, this technology has only now become available to the general public. The product uses a specialized X-band wave radar to measure the behavior of waves surrounding a vessel, recommend a heading and speed to minimize ship motions, and forecast specific individual waves and the vessel impacts up to five minutes before the motion actually occurs. The applications are endless and will help to mitigate risk while increasing operability on countless types of offshore vessels, rigs, and platforms.

FutureWaves™ Benefits

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Reduce Costs

Expand workability and operational window — Stop sitting idle waiting on the environment.

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Increase Efficiency

Maintain confidence during critical operations — Know when ocean conditions will interfere.

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Reduce Risk

Vessel motion and wave forecasting technology that helps obtain detailed knowledge of ocean conditions in real-time — Keep your team and assets safe.

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