Sensing Systems

APS designs and fabricates a wide range of sensors and sensing systems for a variety of maritime, aerospace, and national security applications, such as next-generation sonars, remote sensing of ocean waves, and structural response sensing.

Aerospace Sensors

Commercial, military, and business aircraft all need to be equipped with sensors, and sensing systems have a wide range of applications – surveillance and recovery, engine monitoring, leak detection, fire detection, health monitoring, and more. These sensors also need to be able to perform under extreme environmental conditions high above the Earth. Regardless of your needs, our aerospace sensors and sensing systems will serve you and your crew well.

Maritime Sensors

Our naval sensors and sensing systems can detect potential threats, hazards, and platforms not only under the water but on the water, above it, on land, or in the air. This helps maritime vessels, which can cost hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars, avoid sustaining damage. But our maritime sensors’ security system is even more helpful for protecting the lives of servicemen and women, which are much more valuable than any boat or ship.

While aerospace and maritime applications are primarily what our sensors and sensing systems are used for, they can be effectively utilized in a wide variety of military and national security settings. Contact us today to learn more!