Underwater Acoustic Communication Systems

APS designs and implements communication, and command and control solutions that exploit acoustic methods to provide localization, image exfiltration, and in-stride command capabilities. We specialize in wireless underwater acoustic communication systems and air/water gateway systems for Unmanned Undersea Vehicles and Undersea Networks. Our Acoustic Communications systems typically incorporate arrays to provide positioning information to surface and subsurface systems.

Being able to communicate with your manned and unmanned undersea vessels is critical, especially for maritime security defense operations. But this is often easier said than done. Underwater communication is often very difficult for a number of reasons, including multi-path propagation, small available bandwidth, time variations of the channel, and strong signal attenuation.

Applied Physical Sciences offers a solution to your undersea communication struggles in the form of an acoustic and wireless underwater communication system. This system has a variety of practical applications and is used for military, commercial, and scientific activities.

Underwater Acoustic Communication Systems by APS
Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Benjamin Wooddy

Underwater acoustic communication systems transit data and messages through acoustic waves rather than electromagnetic waves. There are very few limits to the kind of messages and data that can be communicated. They can pertain to tracking, monitoring, surveying, navigating, imaging, and a variety of other things depending on the application.

The need for undersea communication exists in a variety of industries. Whether you’re a scientific organization mapping the ocean floor, a researcher observing ocean pollution, or a military agency monitoring for potential threats, APS and our underwater acoustic communication systems can help.