Marine Hydrodynamics & Ocean Engineering

APS provides expertise in ocean engineering with specialized capabilities in computational fluid dynamics, instrumented buoys, moored systems, propeller design, autonomous vehicle design and payload integration, and seakeeping.

If you’re researching hydrodynamics, then you’ll want Applied Physical Sciences and our ocean engineering and hydrodynamics technology to aid your efforts. The field of hydrodynamics is all about the study of liquids in motion and how different forces can affect the movement of liquid, and it helps to have advanced technology like the kind APS can provide which enables computational fluid dynamics.

Problems involving fluid flows can be solved thanks to the numerical analysis and data structures analyzed by computational fluid dynamics, and this process is essential for all kinds of ocean engineering. Ocean engineering mixes techniques and skills from electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, and acoustical fields and is primarily concerned with designing and building instruments that can survive the tough ocean environment.

Marine Hydrodynamics & Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications

Ocean engineering and hydrodynamics often go hand in hand, so whether you’re an ocean engineer going over various propeller designs or a researcher studying storm surges, APS has something to help you.