Underwater Noise Measurement & Monitoring

APS’s capabilities in structural acoustics, acoustic and non-acoustic submarine, surface ship signatures, and counter-detection analysis are nationally recognized. We specialize in advanced signature control technologies, flow noise modeling, wave scattering, and non-acoustic signatures modeling and prediction.

Radiated noise, or underwater noise as it’s also often referred to, is one of the key signatures of the conventional submarine. Essentially, this is the total noise that a submarine emits, and it can be perceived by passive sonars. Underwater noise measurement includes propeller noise, hydrodynamic noise, and machinery noise. This underwater noise monitoring and the vibrations from the sub and its onboard equipment combine to make what is called an acoustic signature. This signature can be used by friendly forces to recognize their own vessels, but I can also give away a submarine’s position.

While submarine manufacturers do their best to reduce this, along with wave scattering, there is still a lot that can be done to reduce a submarine’s acoustic signature and make it stealthier in the water and reduce the chance of it being detected. Applied Physical Science can help you understand what changes can reduce acoustic signatures the most with our underwater noise measurement modeling tool.

Underwater Noise Measurement & Monitoring by APS