Structural and Fracture Mechanics

APS provides expertise in shock analysis and mitigation, underwater explosion modeling, ballistic impact, and fracture mechanics. We also provide research and development capabilities for advanced materials employed for application-tailored structures, armor, noise suppression, and acoustic transducers.

Before sending a vessel deep into the ocean or a craft into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, you want to ensure that it can withstand the extreme environmental conditions it will be subject to, along with whatever other factors that could be present and cause stress and strain. These are things that must be taken into account during the design process. Employing structural and fracture mechanics allows you to be more confident in your build.

Applied Physical Sciences can help you determine the strength of your design, compute its dynamic properties, and analyze how it performs under a variety of conditions. This will alert you to any weaknesses that need to be fixed. If you have specific goals, like noise suppression, or want to test certain features of a build, like acoustic transducers, we can help with that too.

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Engineering Fracture & Computational Structural Mechanics