Charles Corrado, Former President (Retired) of General Dynamics Applied Physical Sciences, Physics and Engineering

Charles Corrado

Former President (Retired)

Charles “Chick” Corrado, President, and one of the founders of APS, received his Ph.D. in Acoustics from MIT in 1993 and his B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute in 1983.

Dr. Corrado has been actively involved in the development of advanced acoustic systems and marine vehicle machinery silencing projects since 1986. He has led the development of several state of the art vibration and acoustic radiation prediction methods for the Office of Naval Research (ONR). These methods are recognized for their exploitation of the underlying physics to yield significant gains in computational efficiency.

He has also led a number of initiatives to take advantage of novel sensor array processing schemes to discern acoustic scattering processes, image sources of radiation and target strength, localize gunfire and other impulsive noise sources, and quantify acoustic source mechanisms.

Prior to founding APS, Dr. Corrado served as Vice President and Chief Scientist at the Anteon Corporation, Engineering Technology Center.